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49 weeks
Ron, Harry, HP
Yikes! LJ says I last updated 49 weeks ago. I've stopped by to read some of my favorites but I have been rather missing in action. Myspace, facebook, Dan-Radcliffe.net, ihjcommunity have all eaten into my free time. I intend to abandon Mobsters in February when the internet will be largely unavailable for a week. That seems like a good time to stop. The game is very addicting and you somehow think it is your duty to your "mobbies" to show up everyday. It's beginning to lose its appeal though, so the time will come to move on (or back) to other pursuits. There is a series of blog entries at myspace that have also gone unattended and I simply must finish.

Thoughts of Harry and Ron are never far away, largely due to the wallpaper on my computer. It is a nicely crafted collage of pics from my favorite of the films, Goblet of FIre. The HP calendars are also daily reminders of our favorite boys, who have grown up quite nicely. I leave open the possibility that they are off together on new adventures, no matter how book 7 ended or movie 8 will end. You just have to keep you fantasies alive somehow, as long as they are well meaning and uh...idk, age appropriate. Do have to explain that one? Some of you may think so. I leave you to end your own thoughts though.

I'll try to stop back more often.


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