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Harry and Ron and friends

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Other mates
Ron, Harry, HP
Harry and Ron will always be best mates.  I have a vision of this that will stay with me no matter how many variations turn up here.  It is strongly rooted in the origins that JK has laid down but perhaps I see them getting a little...uh, closer shall we say.  Let's face it, two boys that spend that much time together while growing up should become more than just friends.  
I also came to like Ennis and Jack and even some Jake and Heath slash but quite frankly, I just can't read it any more.  It's not that there isn't great material out there, but the loss of Heath brings a melancholy undertone to everything I see.  I would prefer to remember them always as they looked in BBM.  It's a love that won't grow old, as one song on the soundtrack album suggests.  It is a love that will never die, even with the passing of one as happened in BBM and has happened in real life.
I have recently stumbled across other mates.  These young men are certainly full of life and quite talented.  When I saw some McFly slash elsewhere, I knew exactly where to look to find more.  I know we will see more pairings of Harry and Ron but we can also take some time out to see what are favorite naughty boys are up to doing now.  With Harry, Tom, Dougie and Danny the possibilities, and combinations, seem endless.  Oh, the joy of youth, mischievous youth at that!


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